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Welcome to the nosey part. Below is just a little bit about us and the other stuff we've done.

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Matt - Copywriter

Lover of words and chewer on pens. Mostly found three teas deep and hunched over a laptop or notepad changing one word fifty times.

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Rabs - Art Director

Lover of Midjourney and tracker of TikTok trends. Usually found four teas deep on page 72 of Getty Images or removing backgrounds on Canva.



Matt: BA (Hons) Film Production 
Rabs: BA (Hons) Graphic Design 

Both: MA Creative Advertising 



D&AD New Blood - Wood
Caples Awards - Bronze

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FCB London (Placement) - 7 Months
FCB London (Freelance)
- 2 Months

... your agency next?

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